A great starting point to any project is to understand the potential of your site.

Many of our clients use this service when buying or selling property or when undertaking due diligence. Understanding the potential of your site under the Unitary Plan and the Operative Plan will enable you to make informed decisions.

Having being a Council decision maker for a number of years, Haden, Codes Director, has a full understanding of what will and won’t be successful and the processes and application structure required to ensure the best chance of success. It is Codes philosophy to be upfront with people and call it as we see it. We will often run your concept through the Council at a pre-application meeting to identify any potential issues.

A feasibility study or scoping report will help when purchasing a property or looking to maximise the value of your site through subdivision or development. We will provide a report with a number of options including a recommendation on what we see as the best outcome based on the goals you have for the site.

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a feasibility study for a property you own or are interested in.

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Why can’t I do what I want on my site, do I have to follow the rules?

The planning rules aim to protect the amenity of neighbours and the quality of the built and natural environments.

However, these rules are often outdated or written in a generic sense to cover an entire city. The qualities and attributes of your particular site might mean it is appropriate to breach the rules. At Code we can run through your project and outline for you where there may be flexibility around the rules so that you can improve the design and maximise the potential of your project.

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