Obtaining a Resource Consent can be a daunting process.

Getting your dream home or renovation can appear to be so close until a wall of bureaucracy stands in your way. The Unitary Plan has only made the consenting web more complex and specialist advice is now a critical part of the process.

At Code we aim to simplify the process. Having worked for the Council as a Senior Planner and in a management positions we understand the council requirements and processes and can navigate the process for you. Often we may find a way of avoiding consent altogether or finding that we can get you more on your site than what you realised.

Code are resource consent experts and our knowledge of the process can save you significant time cost and stress. We deal with all scales of residential development including additions and alterations, minor units and granny flats, extensions, new builds, heritage homes and intensive housing developments.

To take the first step in making it simpler and maximising the potential of your home give Code a call for a free consultation. We will listen to what you want to achieve on the site and then develop a consenting strategy on how to achieve your goals.

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How long does it take for the Council to process my Resource Consent?

The Council has 20 working days to process a Resource Consent application (assuming it is not notified). However, this time excludes time when the application is on hold awaiting further information from the applicant. At Code we prepare quality applications which reduce the likelihood of applications being put on hold.

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