Auckland and other main centres are looking to intensify.

There are many existing opportunities to do this in existing business, zones, mixed use zones and recently created terrace housing zones. This type of development will become more and more prevalent with the adoption of the Unitary Plan, Auckland’s new rule book.

A more intensive form of living in the form of medium density terrace housing or higher intensity apartment living can provide high quality housing outcomes, this of course is site and location dependent. We know the areas where intensive development will be supported and can help you with finding an appropriate site, establishing a design team and successfully obtain resource consent.

At Code we know what the Council is looking for in terms of urban design outcomes and desired density. We can ensure that you get an optimum outcome for your site in a timely manner.

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What is the Unitary Plan?

The unitary plan is Auckland’s future rulebook that will replace all of the current operative plans. Only some rules in the Unitary Plan are operative at this stage and more and more rules will come on line shortly. For a few years both the operative and unitary plan rulebooks will apply which can make resource consenting a daunting process. When conflicting rules apply then the council will apply a weighting exercise to the various rules. Often rules have come into effect protecting pre-1944 buildings or identifying sites of cultural significance to Iwi, thus requiring consultation. This does not mean you can’t develop, however, it sets up a rather complex process that requires specialist expertise to manage.

It is vital that professional planning advice is sought as we move into a time where the Unitary Plan provisions come online and into effect. Haden Mills, Code Planning’s Director, has worked with the Council and given feedback to the Unitary Plan Team on the new rules as well as made submissions on the plan. At Code we understand the planning framework and can make what is a complex web of bureaucracy very simple for you.

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Getting your dream home or renovation can appear to be so close until a wall of bureaucracy stands in your way.



We understand the critical aspects in commercial development and obtaining consents.


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