Why do I need a Resource Consent?

Resource Consent is needed for any subdivision. Consent is also required for any breach of the District Plan rules.  The following link gives an introductory look at the process involved

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Why can’t I do what I want on my site, do I have to follow the rules?

The planning rules aim to protect the amenity of neighbours and the quality of the built and natural environments.

However, these rules are often outdated or written in a generic sense to cover an entire city. The qualities and attributes of your particular site might mean it is appropriate to breach the rules. At Code we can run through your project and outline for you where there may be flexibility around the rules so that you can improve the design and maximise the potential of your project.

How long does it take for the Council to process my Consent?

The Council has 20 working days to process a Resource Consent application (assuming it is not notified). However, this time excludes time when the application is on hold awaiting further information from the applicant. At Code we prepare quality applications which reduce the likelihood of applications being put on hold.

What are the Councils Fees for processing a Resource Consent?

The link below gives the Council’s fee schedule. The fees listed are deposits once the deposit is consumed, Council officers charge out at a rate of approximately $150 an hour. Fees will be lower for well prepared applications, otherwise the backwards and forwards with council can be a very cost intensive process. It is important to employ high quality planning professionals to ensure that the application is processed in the most cost effective way. At Code we will review your council invoices to ensure that the fees charged are fair and reasonable, if not we can contest the fees.

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What does it cost to engage Code Planning?

Code Planning can provide you a service on an hourly basis. However, most of our clients prefer the certainty of a fixed fee. Please enquire below and book an appointment and we would be happy to provide you with a quote for your project. We deal with a lot of customers including architects surveyors and companies that have come to us late in the process when things have got to difficult. While we can still help it is best to engage us as early in the process as possible, this is the most cost and time effective way of getting your consent.

What experts do I need on board?

Depending on the complexity of the application information may be required by a number of specialties including traffic, acoustic, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, architectural and urban design and of course planning. We have a group of top professionals that we prefer to work with. We can either work with your existing team or assemble a high quality project team for you to ensure a smooth process through Council. We specialising in managing the project team to get a quality application into Council on time and on budget.

What is the Unitary Plan?

The unitary plan is Auckland’s future rulebook that will replace all of the current operative plans. Only some rules in the Unitary Plan are operative at this stage and more and more rules will come on line shortly. For a few years both the operative and unitary plan rulebooks will apply which can make resource consenting a daunting process. When conflicting rules apply then the council will apply a weighting exercise to the various rules. Often rules have come into effect protecting pre-1944 buildings or identifying sites of cultural significance to Iwi, thus requiring consultation. This does not mean you can’t develop, however, it sets up a rather complex process that requires specialist expertise to manage.

It is vital that professional planning advice is sought as we move into a time where the Unitary Plan provisions come online and into effect. Haden Mills, Code Planning’s Director, has worked with the Council and given feedback to the Unitary Plan Team on the new rules as well as made submissions on the plan. At Code we understand the planning framework and can make what is a complex web of bureaucracy very simple for you.

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Can I subdivide my site?

We can undertake an analysis of your site to ascertain whether subdivision is achievable and cost effective for you. Many people make the mistake of assuming subdivision is only based on the site area of a site i.e “I have 800m² and the Council allows sections of 400m², therefore I can subdivide”. We have seen countless examples of this that have had significant financial implications to people. We provide a more in depth analysis and then give you a series of steps and likely timeframes required to achieve your goal. We need to look into the Planning provisions of the operative and unitary plans, servicing and infrastructure, gradient and geotechnical issues, driveways and traffic matters, flooding and overland flow paths. Sorry we can’t give you a yes/no answer here and now but the reality is that subdivisions require a detailed look at all of the above factors. Please contact us and we will be able to provide you an idea of how feasible subdivision is on your site.