With high land values and a buoyant property market many are looking to subdivide. The unitary plan is also opening up opportunities for intensification throughout Auckland.

The most important part of the process is scoping the site to determine how feasible subdivision is. We can either work with your project team or assemble a team as we have links to leading surveyors, engineers and designers.

We will put together a consent application that will ensure that the process is as cost effective and efficient as possible. Whether you are simply looking at the possibility of a two lot subdivision or looking at a larger scale structure plan or unit title development, Code planning can make the process simple.

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Can I subdivide my site?

We can undertake an analysis of your site to ascertain whether subdivision is achievable and cost effective for you. Many people make the mistake of assuming subdivision is only based on the site area of a site i.e “I have 800m² and the Council allows sections of 400m², therefore I can subdivide”. We have seen countless examples of this that have had significant financial implications to people. We provide a more in depth analysis and then give you a series of steps and likely timeframes required to achieve your goal. We need to look into the Planning provisions of the operative and unitary plans, servicing and infrastructure, gradient and geotechnical issues, driveways and traffic matters, flooding and overland flow paths. Sorry we can’t give you a yes/no answer here and now but the reality is that subdivisions require a detailed look at all of the above factors. Please contact us and we will be able to provide you an idea of how feasible subdivision is on your site.

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